Today, Safe Rooms can be used to protect people from both Crime and Severe Weather at the same time! See Building the Perfect Home or Addition located on the right. >

Panic Rooms and Storm Shelters:

The above ground safe rooms (Panic Rooms) can be as simple as hidden and secure rooms (or spaces) with-in a home which serve as protection from Criminals.  "A place to hide until danger passes."

They can also be as complex as a fortified room used for protection from projectiles such as above ground Storm Shelters.

Storm Shelters come in two basic types:

1. Above Ground and 2. Below Ground.

Above ground fortified shelters are often bolted to the foundation of the home (basement - with-in the home) and they must be able to support the weight of the home in the event of a collapse while below ground fiberglass pods are burried below grade normally outside of the home. However they can also be used in combination! See the Perfect Home or Addition (right >).



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